FAQs about
Branding & Novelties

What are the branding techniques available?

A machine stitches a design on fabric using a needle and thread.
The more complex the design or the more colours that are in the design, the more time consuming and expensive it will be.

HTV Printing:
Heat Transfer Vinyl, is a specialty thin plastic that can be used on certain fabrics and materials to create designs and promotional products. It comes in sheet form with an adhesive backing and is cut by a special machine. The excess vinyl is removed then the design is placed on to the item and into a heat press where the heat transfers the design from the adhesive backing and onto the item.
This technique works best with single colour designs like outline drawings and wording.

Sublimation Printing:
This is a specific process of printing that first involves printing onto a special sheet of paper, then transferring that image onto another material (usually polyester or a polyester mix). The ink is then heated and transfer from the paper into the fabric.

Who supplies the items?

You can supply the items or I can source them from my suppliers (depending on what the items are)

What items can be branded?

Most clothing or fabric items, bags, caps, towels, keyrings...
Different techniques mean that a wide range of items to be branded.
Feel free to email me and I can advise whether or not an item can be branded and which technique would be best.

What about the artwork?

A one off design fee will be charged per design.
This is to digitize or create any artwork to be branded on the item(s).

It is best if you can supply me with the logo/drawing/picture in a high quality .jpeg or .png format (most common image format).
I will then digitize it in my software so that the machines (embroidery, plotter or printer) can read the artwork.

Alternatively I can create a unique artwork based on your ideas.

What is the process of having items branded?

You email me your ideas and we discuss the order (what you want done, quantity, deadline, artwork...)
Once I have all the necessary information I will either:
-send a quote if you are supplying the items or
-research what items are available from my suppliers and send you a quote.

Once the deposit is paid, I will then digitize/create the artwork as well as order the items from my suppliers.
When the items are delivered from the suppliers, they will then be branded.
As soon as the order is complete, it will be delivered to you (or collected from me, depending on our arrangement)

For more information about turn-around time, samples, mock ups, etc:

Send me an email with your query.