FAQs about
Custom-made Garments

How much does a custom dress cost to have made?

The cost is dependent on the style of the garment and the fabric chosen.

When you contact me, I will ask for some references of the garment you want made.

From there I will provide you with an obligation free quote.

In the quote will be my Labour cost as well as an estimate of the Fabric cost (which is subject to change)

I will only be able to correctly assess the quantities needed once I have taken your measurements. The fabric quantities are an average.

The cost of fabric is also dependent on what fabric is chosen.

While I am happy to offer advice, the purchasing of fabric is your responsibility.

I can be available to go fabric shopping with you at my local store.

What is the process of having a dress made?

We have a consultation where I take measurements and chat about your garment.

If I am helping you shop for fabric, we would then go together to my local fabric store and you purchase your fabric.

Then I draft a pattern based on these measurements and usually make a mock up. This is a trial version of the garment in cheap fabric to see that the fit and style is correct.

We would then do a fitting with the mock up.

From there I make the garment in the chosen fabric and we do another fitting to check the fit.

Sometimes another fitting is required if any fit alterations are made, to ensure that the fit is perfect.

Are multiple fittings really necessary?


I need to check throughout the making process that the garment fits you well.

If we limit to the fittings, I cannot guarantee that the fit will be perfect.

​Usually there are 2-3 fittings needed during the process.

Must I live in Cape Town to have a dress made by you?

Preferably yes.

As the garment is made specifically to your body, I need to be able to meet with you for fittings to check the fit.

I can not guarantee that the fit will be perfect if I can't fit it on you.

If you don't live in Cape Town but are able to meet me for the necessary fittings during the time needed to make the garment, then we can make things work ;)

Where do our meetings/fittings take place?

At my home studio in Durbanville.

I understand that some might feel travelling to Durbanville might not be the most convenient.

However, there are ways to make the process easier and in the end I'm not that far away from the southern suburbs ;)

Our meetings are scheduled on days and at times that suit both of us. Sometimes on weekends or evenings if necessary.

I can also double up some of our appointments. For example, we can have a consultation and visit my local fabric shop on the same day.